AIA A-Life Lady Comprehensive Female Protection Plan | AIA 综合性女性保障计划

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A-Life Lady is a comprehensive female plan that meets your protection needs. This plan provides you with life insurance benefits that are specifically designed for women. 
Being diagnosed with cancer is challenging – physically, emotionally and financially. A-Life Lady covers you against female cancers from the early stages onwards, ensuring that you are financially secure so that you can focus on treatment and recovery. 
To make sure you’re fully taken care of, A-Life Lady includes extensive female care benefits and provides a one-off payment for medical complications that arise due to elective cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy for menopause, psychotherapy treatment for anxiety disorder or depression disorder. 
We want to celebrate the important milestones in your life by giving you a cash reward for these auspicious events particularly marriage, childbirth and golden age. The total cash reward is up to 12% of your coverage amount! 
When you purchase A-Life Lady and sign up as an AIA Vitality member, you’ll get an additional bonus every year, called the Yearly Cash Bonus. You will receive this bonus as a reward for your healthy choices, and may get a cash bonus of up to 50% of your basic premium paid every year. 

A-Life Lady是一项综合性女性计划,满足您的保护需求。该计划为女性量身定制,提供人寿保险福利。
被诊断患有癌症是一项具有挑战性的任务 - 在身体、情绪和经济上都如此。A-Life Lady将从早期阶段开始覆盖您的女性癌症,确保您在经济上得到保障,让您可以专注于治疗和康复。
为了确保您得到全面的照顾,A-Life Lady提供广泛的女性护理福利,并将支付选择性整形手术、更年期激素替代疗法、焦虑症或抑郁症的心理治疗引起的医疗并发症的费用。
我们将给与现金奖励来庆祝您人生中的一些重要时刻 – 结婚、分娩和黄金年龄。现金奖励的总额可高达您保险金额的12%!
当您购买A-Life Lady并成为AIA Vitality会员时,您将获得额外的年度现金奖励。该现金奖励是以您的健康生活为基准,每年可获得高达您基本保费的50%的现金奖金。

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