AIA A-Life Wealth Treasure Investment Link Plan | AIA 长期储蓄投连保险计划

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A-Life Wealth Treasure is an investment-linked plan that ensures parents will have the necessary long-term savings to prepare for their children’s financial needs when they embark on their life journey. When you cultivate a good savings habit and start saving early for your child, you will be rewarded with both the Wealth Rewards and Wealth Booster benefits. Wealth Rewards will be credited into your policy Wealth Account as early as age 25 or age 35 and every subsequent 10 years until maturity, depending on your child's entry age. At maturity you will receive the total account value of your policy. On top of this, the Wealth Booster will be paid out. The Wealth Booster amount is 4 times higher of your Wealth Rewards upon maturity. Additionally, this plan also provides insurance protection for you and your child. Your child’s coverage amount will automatically be DOUBLED when he or she needs it the most. 
Parent can now sign up as an AIA Vitality member and unlock an additional benefit - the Vitality Wealth Booster for your child upon the purchase of A-Life Wealth Treasure and A-Plus ParentCare. Get your child protected early to maximise your rewards!

A-Life Wealth Treasure是一项投连保险计划,确保父母在孩子踏上人生旅程时具备必要的长期储蓄,以满足他们的财务需求。当您培养良好的储蓄习惯并为孩子早期开始储蓄时,您将获得丰厚的财富回报和财富增强福利。财富回报将在孩子25岁或35岁时开始积累,并在之后的每个10年直至到期时存入您的财富账户,具体取决于孩子的受保时的年龄。保障到期时,您将获得保单的总账户价值。此外,还将支付财富增强福利。财富增强金额是财富回报到期时的4倍。此外,该计划还为您和您的孩子提供保险保障。在孩子最需要时,他或她的保额将自动加倍。
家长现在可以注册成为AIA Vitality会员,并在购买A-Life Wealth Treasure和A-Plus ParentCare时获得额外的福利——活力财富增强福利,为您的孩子提供更全面的保障,以最大化您的回报!

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