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You work hard to achieve your aspirations – a new car, a new house, putting your kids through school, preparing for retirement or starting your own business. But is your money working hard enough for you? With increasing cost of living, is your current savings plan meeting your needs? 
A-EnrichGold is a short-pay savings plan that offers guaranteed cash payments and potential investment gains, allowing you to maximise the return on your money. Combine with insurance coverage on death and total permanent disability to help you maximise the return on your hard-earned money. 
You can choose to pay for this plan over 10 years to enjoy 25 years of protection, or pay for 20 years to enjoy 30 years of protection. When your plan ends, you will receive a lump sum payment of up to 150% of the amount you are covered for, depending on your plan. You can top up your savings, withdraw cash when there’s a need or switch to another fund if your investment goals change.

A-Enrich Gold 是一项短期支付的储蓄计划,提供保证现金支付和潜在的投资收益,让您最大限度地获得资金回报。结合死亡和全残保险保障,帮助您最大限度地获得您辛苦赚来的资金回报。
A-Enrich Gold 是一项短期支付的储蓄计划,提供保证现金支付和潜在的投资收益,让您最大限度地获得资金回报。结合死亡和全残保险保障,帮助您最大限度地获得您辛苦赚来的资金回报。

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