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Medical protection should not mean only being there for you one day if the unfortunate
happens. Which is why we developed A-Plus Health. 
A comprehensive medical plan that also rewards you for living healthy. It comes with comprehensive medical coverage that protects you against escalating medical costs and is the first to also provide coverage for recovery treatments and medical related equipment. A-Plus Health doesn't just focus on prevention and recovery only. It also includes a mental health benefit. We all know that prevention is better than cure. That is why A-Plus Health also reimburses you the cost for health checks and vaccinations to help you determine your health condition and identify any early signs of health issues as well as help you with illness prevention. When you purchase A-Plus Health and sign up as an AIA Vitality member, you get to enjoy Health Rewards! Health Rewards offers you additional benefits such as waiving the deductible amount upon hospital admission, upgrading your room and board limit and/or increasing the amount in your Health Wallet every year, without having to pay any additional premium. The comprehensive medical protection includes In-patient and out-patient treatment, Out-patient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment, Daycare procedure & surgery, Optical support, Specified maternity complications and Out-patient emergency accidental treatment. 

医药保障不只是在您遇到不幸时帮助您。这是我们推出 A-Plus Health 的原因。一个奖励您健康生活的全面医疗计划。一项全面的医疗计划,同时根据您保持健康的付出而给予奖励。它提供全面的医疗保障,保护您免受不断上涨的医疗费用的影响,并且是首个提供康复治疗和医疗相关设备保险的计划。A-Plus Health不仅仅关注预防和康复,它还包括心理健康福利。我们都知道预防胜于治疗。这就是为什么A-Plus Health还会偿还您进行健康检查和疫苗接种的费用,帮助您了解自己的健康状况并及早发现任何健康问题的早期迹象,以及帮助您预防疾病。当您购买A-Plus Health并注册为AIA Vitality会员时,您还可以享受健康奖励!健康奖励为您提供额外的福利,如在住院时减免免赔额、升级您的房间和伙食限额,或每年增加您的健康钱包金额,而无需支付额外的保费。全面的医疗保障包括:住院和门诊护理 、 门诊洗肾及门诊癌症治疗 、 日间护理程序及手术 、视觉辅助、特定产妇并发症、紧急意外门诊治疗。

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