AIA A-Life Cancer 360 Critical Illness Insurance Plan | AIA 癌症保护计划

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Thanks to medical advancements, cancer is now highly treatable. As the cost of treating cancer rises, the question then becomes: are you financially prepared to fight cancer? A-Life Cancer360 is a complete cancer protection plan that provides coverage from the early to more advanced stages of cancer to support you in the journey to recover. 
The Power Reset feature of this product resets your coverage amount to the full amount, 12 months after being diagnosed with Early Stage Cancer. This allows you to resume full coverage against cancer for the remaining term of your plan. 
When you purchase A-Life Cancer360 and sign up as an AIA Vitality member, you’ll get an additional bonus every year, which is called the Yearly Cash Bonus. This means that through Yearly Cash Bonus, you may receive a cash bonus up to 50% of your basic premium paid for A-Life Cancer360 on every policy anniversary, without having to pay additional premium.

基于医学的进步和成长,癌症现在是可以高度治疗的。随着癌症治疗费用的上升,您是否在经济上做好了与癌症作战的准备?A-Life Cancer360是一项全面的癌症保护计划,主要支持您的康复旅程,提供从早期到严重阶段的癌症保障利益。
这项保障的Power Reset功能可以在早期癌症确诊后的12个月后将您的保险金额重置为全额。这使您能够在计划的剩余期限内恢复对癌症的全面保障。
当您购买A-Life Cancer360并成为AIA Vitality会员时,您每年将获得额外的年度现金奖励。这意味着通过年度现金奖励,您可能每个保单周年可以获得A-Life Cancer360基本保费的最高50%的现金奖金,而无需支付额外保费。

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