AIA A-Life Wealth Builder Investment Link Saving Plan | AIA 定期保费投资联结保险计划

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A-Life Wealth Builder is an investment-linked plan that provides you with a high coverage amount and provides your family with a financial safety net when you are no longer around. With both Wealth Rewards and Wealth Booster benefits, the plan rewards you up to 6 times of the rewards payout when you choose to save more, save longer and stay financially disciplined. 
This plan provides your family with a lump sum payment of 100% of the amount you are covered for if you pass away or suffer from total and permanent disability (TPD). We will pay twice the amount if you pass away due to an accident, three times the amount if the accident occurs in a bus, train or airplane, and six times if you pass away due to a natural disaster.
This plan allows you to withdraw up to 10% of your account value for certain life-stage events, and still be entitled for the Wealth Rewards and Wealth Booster. You can get covered for up to RM4 million without having to go for a medical check up. 
When you sign up as an AIA Vitality member, you may receive an additional benefit called the Vitality Wealth Booster, depending on the healthy choices you make. You may receive additional value when your policy matures or terminates due to death or total and permanent disability or critical illnesses, without having to pay any additional premium.

A-Life Wealth Builder是一项定期保费投资联结保险计划(ILIP),涵盖死亡,完全及永久残废(TPD)。它提供高保障,最低保额为RM350,000。您可以选择各种符合您需求的保费缴付额和保障期。此计划为您提供了灵活性的提早提取户口价值或根据您的需求为您的投资加额。此外,您也可以以额外保费选择各种附加利益,提升您的保障。这是一个与投资资产表现挂钩的保险计划, 为您提供高额保险保障,并在离世后为您的家人提供财务安全网。您可以通过财富奖励及财富增值的利益获取高达6倍的奖励若您选择储蓄更多, 更长的时间及保持财务纪律!该计划会在您去世或完全和永久失去劳动能力(TPD)时,为您的家人提供相当于您所投保金额的100%的一次性付款。如果因事故去世,我们将支付两倍的金额;如果事故发生在公共汽车、火车或飞机上,则支付三倍的金额;如果因自然灾害去世,则支付六倍的金额。
当您成为AIA Vitality会员时,您可能会获得额外的福利,称为Vitality财富增益,这取决于您所做出的健康选择。在您的保单到期或因死亡、完全和永久失去劳动能力或重大疾病终止时,您可能会获得额外的价值,而无需支付任何额外保费。

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